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Each Space Between Kisses by Bill Wolak

Posted 4/16/2019


                                                 Embracing together,

their naked bodies

pass through lightning.

Her eyes explode.

His fingers melt

into her breasts.

As perfume weaves

their cells together,

his tongue is swept away

by a swirling river

of erect nipples.

The deeper he thrusts,

the faster each space

between kisses disappears.

The deeper he thrusts,

the quicker she coaxes

the moon into his fingernails

that scratch long welts

down the length of her back.

Vanishing into focus,

their flesh becomes

one carnal knot writhing

like mist dissolving

weightless willow branches

into the river’s breeze.

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Sexhair by J G Cain

Posted 1/23/2019


They left the room around 1 p.m., taking the Do Not Disturb sign off the doorknob and slinking guiltily past the smiling hotel maid who was clearly waiting for them to leave the room so she could clean up, change the sheets, and finally go home. Initially they had planned on eating breakfast at the free buffet line in the hotel, but ended up fucking well past the time breakfast was over and had to settle for the remains of the complimentary coffee. They walked a few blocks down the street to a diner that served breakfast all day.

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