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Every Dream Offers Two Mirrors by Bill Wolak

Posted 5/9/2019


Every dream

offers two mirrors.


In one, your


remains sand

seeking a direction.


In the other,

the faithless one

already has stolen

the moon

from your hair.

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Heartbeat by Mimi Bordeaux

Posted 4/21/2019


Heartbeat like a murmur you lying beside me it's 3am as your soft leg crosses over mine. I listen to your breath. 12345. Stroking your hair I snuggle under the doona, placing my ear next to your heart. Yes you are alive yes you are next to me yes I want you in the morning, afternoon, night and early morning hours when I suddenly awaken, from a nasty dream. And you are here. Next to me. Heartbeat.

When it's daytime and you are gone I walk the streets, seeing you in everything. A shop window, a pub, the deli for you permeate my very existence and I can always hear 12345. In the crowded city where distraction takes one away, you are with me as the big clock chimes. I see beggars and give them a $20. I go home and make us a lovely meal because I want to and like seeing you eat well. I still hear you. Heartbeat. 12345.

I lie on the bed my hand under my head thinking of you hearing you opening the front door. I wait for you to come to me. When I see you we kiss as I unbutton your blouse and kiss your breasts. You run your hands through my hair, lifting my face and looking into my eyes. Heartbeat. We slowly lie down as you undress me, kissing my neck just where I like it as I pull your skirt down my face buried between your legs. I smell you and know your scent, pheromones alive. I part your legs and nuzzle at your clit. Heartbeat. You sigh and groan as I kiss you tenderly feeling your muscles stiffen, your sweet protruding pink delicious cherry on fire. You grab my head and hold it as I turn you inside out and up again, you crying out your pleasure released.

It's 4am. I'm awake listening to your breath. Heartbeat.

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