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Ties True To Love's Lines by Mimi Bordeaux

Posted 4/12/2020

Maybe it’s time to leave, out together every night kissing found hunched on some park bench 5 am Tuesday morning, a lullaby springs in the cool air. Moon shines her opening crescendo of morn, tis dawn. Curling around holding arms leaf upon autumn bark your hazel opals seduction by cornea open my lips breasts with that look of yours, ‘so soft’ I hear you say breathing heavily on my chest which holds the mountain of love my big-titted animation I have to give for you to honour: *Days I don’t see you; alone dense walled in smoking, damn run out again. I quickly add up my change to make the small fortune cigarettes are mad. Jesus in Budapest find the little home with painted circle, numbered in you go purchasing twelve packs for 124,000, equaling $11 AUD. In the UK girls yelping at my size 40 pack their paltry 21 laughing hard. Catch the Camden line walk Christ what quite ugly street; the place has certainly been built up by some ultra red patriots looking for Amy. It’s you featherlight baby let me take your hand, may I?:



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