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Baby is Back by Mimi Bordeaux

Posted 5/9/2019


I can smell her scent before I have even opened the door. Annika stands in the doorway, smiling. ‘Oh hello!’, I say for I am delighted to see her back so soon. She had gone to Sydney for some meetings with local curators and now here she is, a feast before my eyes. I hug her, she snuggles into me. We don’t let go for a good two minutes. I kiss her hair, her eyes, her cheeks and her wonderful lips. She slowly pushes us inside to the hallway. I was living on my own now after breaking up with Sam. We caress each other, not knowing where to start. She leans me up against the wall and tongue kisses me. My mouth opens wide as we eat at each other. She quickly pulls off her coat and bites my neck, her arms wrapping around my waist. She pulls me into her which sets me off, my body tingling from my toes upward, my cunt leaking, my clit on fire. I bite her back and we both tug at each other’s clothes, me trying not to wreck her lovely black silk shirt. Soon she’s biting at my nipples through my bra as my hands touch her ass and in between her legs.

I feel her wetness on my palm as I tug down her stockings. I crouch down and lick her inner thighs. She shakes then has goosebumps. My hands reach up to stroke her breasts, she holds them as my tongue makes its way to her clit. She’s already ripe and tastes of the mountain springs and an apple orchard. I lick her cunt, its plump lips turning me on. She’s as soaked as eating into a ripe plum, fruity juices comb my lips which I use to start sucking her clit. She’s moaning and her legs are like jelly. I stroke her pussy and ass and mumble, ‘which one darling’. ‘My pussy darling’, as I lick two fingers and slowly insert them, on the third stroke curling my fingers upward to hit her G spot.

She yells then says ‘more’ as I add another finger, fucking her hard and fast now, each stroke a firm jab at her G spot. I lick her clit as I fuck her which is now swollen and bulbous. She semi squats and moves to my hand holding onto me, sweating and screaming out. I ram her hard, up to her cervix then back to her G spot. She tumbles as she screams out ‘aargh!’ and collapses onto me. We both lie back exhausted as my fingers stroke her pussy slowly. She grabs my head and kisses me with fervor. I’m melting inside, so happy to have her back.



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