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Delila by Bill Wolak

Posted 8/18/2019



When her flesh demands

more than tenderness,

Delila’s eyes remain

patient as the dawn.


With her wrists

tied to her heels

and rope looped

around her tucked knees

tighter than a secret,

her skin tingles

like goosebumps

after sunburn.


Submissive as silk,

Delila’s body stings

from the knots’ tiny kisses

and yearns for the touch

that will excite her flesh

beyond arousal.


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Jeans by Bill Wolak

Posted 8/18/2019


She tilts the horizon

with her hips.


The faded, faraway blue

of her unbuttoned jeans

wrinkle just at the thighs

where they squeeze

like a lingering goodbye

slipping towards the floor.


Still only half undressed,

her nakedness ascends

belly and breasts

polished sleek as flame

like an unexpected kiss

awakening time

with a promise.

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